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New Major Update: New languages added, achievements and bugs fixes

New Major Update: New languages added, achievements and bugs fixes

We are pushing today a new large patch which will both add features and support to the game as well as fix a few major issues the community had identified, in particular with regards to the connections between some countries in the game that prevented troops in some rare cases to be moved from one place to another. This one was tough to crack and we want to thanks the community for your help and feedback!

We're also adding the Steam Trading Cards as well as four new languages to the game, now available in 6 languages: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

New features:
- Steam trading cards are added to the game
- Four new languages added with Russian, German, Spanish and Portuguese now supported
- Achievements unlocked: 
* Command Center (Use all of your 20 movement orders in the same turn)
* Red Army (Get of above 100,000 Armies with Russia)
* War Party (Play at least 5 multiplayer games)
* The empire on which the sun never sets = Own a region in each of the game's Theatres
* Hydropath = Own all the game regions that are NOT adjacent to the seas
* Perfect ! = Take a province without suffering a single loss.
* Berlin Blockade = As any player, subvert Germany

Fixes and optimizations:
- Fix problem with duplicated connection IDs that could cause region connections to disappear (nobody should have this bug anymore)
- Texture optimisations
- Achievements Fixes
- Add system fonts switch for specific languages
- Memory optimizations after animations